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GlobalMontessori - Cloverdale RodeoGlobal Montessori School is located very close to the Langley-Cloverdale border, in the City of Langley. Since 1988, we have offered Montessori education, including before & after school care, infant and toddler care, and elementary.

We are based in Langley, but Global Montessori School is about only 10 minutes or less from Cloverdale.

Our exceptional daycare program offers before and after school care for children. Our dedicated facility provides a safe and fun learning environment. Each classroom is supervised by qualified Montessori teachers.

Our preschool is a Montessori Child Care Program offering full-day Kindergarten  for children aged 3–6 years old.

We also provide the Langley-Surrey area with one of metro Vancouver’s best Montessori elementary schools. You can read details on our Montessori Elementary school page.

For specific questions or to schedule a personal tour of the school, please contact us. Our website contact form provides an alternative if you have trouble calling during the school day.

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About the Surrey community of Cloverdale

Cloverdale is the home of the famous Cloverdale Rodeo. The Surrey community is located at the junction of Highways 10 and 15 (the Pacific Highway) in the lower Fraser Valley. Settled in the mid to late 1800s, Cloverdale grew from a largely rural and agricultural community into a bustling hub of commercial activity. This growth was due in large part to its strategic location and connections to the railway.

Today, Cloverdale retains much of its historic ambiance. It is home to the Surrey Museum and the Surrey Archives, unique heritage buildings, and a quaint “Main Street”. Cloverdale’s small town charm has made it a sought after location for filming. A variety of movies and TV shows have been filmed here, including the popular series Smallville.

Cloverdale also provides a focus for the celebration of Surrey’s agricultural heritage. Each year, the Cloverdale Fairgrounds host the Cloverdale Rodeo. The Annual Cloverdale Blueberry Festival is celebrated throughout Cloverdale Town Centre. Other leisure attractions in the area include the Elements Casino (Fraser Downs Racetrack) in the Cloverdale Fairgrounds and Northview Golf & Country Club.

In addition to Cloverdale’s historic neighbourhoods, the community is experiencing residential growth. Newer neighbourhoods include East Clayton and West Cloverdale with a variety of housing types.

Cloverdale is largely a community of young families. Here you will find a larger percentage of young people than Surrey as a whole. Although a little younger than the rest of Surrey, and a lot younger than Metro Vancouver, Cloverdale has a higher average income than Metro Vancouver and a much higher income than the rest of Surrey. Where the community really stands out is in average household income. By this measure Cloverdale is significantly more affluent than the rest of Surrey and Metro Vancouver as a whole.

GlobalMontessori Caycare/Preschool near Downtown Cloverdale, Surrey BC

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