Application Process

Do you want your child to attend school with us? The first step is to meet with our admissions team and receive a GMS Information Package.

If you have already met with our admissions team, received the GMS Information Package and decided that you would like to become part of our Global Montessori community, the next step is to arrange a first visit. This allows your child to spend some time in the classroom. After the visit, your family will be able to assess your first impressions and teachers can share with you how your child engaged in the classroom environment.

After a successful first visit, you will be offered a GMS Admissions Package. It will contain:

  • documents for you to complete
  • instructions on how to complete the enrolment process
  • a timeline to get your child settled into the classroom

Our admissions team will help you along the way.

It is possible that the program is currently full. Our admissions team will help determine the earliest start date available for your child. They may also place you on a wait list for unexpected openings.

With payment of the Enrolment Fee, you may secure a future seat. After payment, you will receive a Seat Confirmation Letter indicating that we are holding a seat for your child on a specific date.

Contact us to Schedule a School Tour